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Breast lift definition

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When a woman comes to see a cosmetic plastic surgeon for breast lift surgery or learns that she needs a breast lift with her breast augmentation, it is important to learn about the type of breast lift plastic surgery she will have.

There are many different breast lift plastic surgeries. Some breast lift plastic surgeries are very involved and others are less involved. The type of breast lift plastic surgery that is performed is usually a combination of the plastic surgeon’s preference and the woman’s existing breast characteristics.

The goal of all of these cosmetic plastic surgeries is to raise the breast nipple position. It is a common misconception that the breast nipple is actually cut off and resewn in a higher position. That particular plastic surgery procedure is called a ‘free nipple graft’ procedure. Free nipple grafting in breast lifts are done probably less than 1 in every 1000 breast lifts. The repositioning of the nipple on the breast gland is almost always done by keeping the nipple attached to some part of the breast or breast gland. The nipple is relocated to a higher position without removing it from the body. When lifting the nipple, the breast gland is also lifted in some fashion.

The degree of breast gland lifting that occurs is determined by the type of breast lift plastic surgery that the plastic surgeon recommends. Some breast lifts will be done without cutting away any breast gland, while other breast lifts are done by cutting away the extra unwanted breast gland. Sometimes cutting away breast gland is preferred to allow a better shaped and positioned breast gland. When breast gland is cut away during a breast lift plastic surgery, the remaining breast size will be smaller. The degree of breast size reduction will be determined by how much breast tissue is removed. The lifting of the breast gland is done to restore a higher position of the breast mound on the chest and to attempt to restore fullness to the upper half of the breast mound. This upper breast half is also called the ‘upper pole fullness’, where the breast is considered to have both upper and lower poles.

Unfortunately, most breast lifts will restore some upper pole fullness to the breasts initially but over time, the breast gland will descend again to a lower position. This breast gland descent is usually not as low as the pre-surgical breast position. The nipple position will usually not descend again. In order to maintain fullness in the upper half of the breast, a breast implant may be used.

The presurgical nipple position and the amount of distance that a nipple has to be raised will contribute to the decision of what type of breast lift plastic surgery to have done. The distance of nipple reposition also contributes to the amount of scarring or incisions that may be used. In general, there are 3 final scar styles. There is the final scar that is left only around the nipple areolar complex. This breast scar is essentially a circle or part of a circle. It is also called a periareolar breast lift scar. The next degree of incision extends the scar along the middle of the lower half of the breast. This scar is done in addition to the periareolar breast scar. The resultant breast scar looks like a lollipop. Surprisingly, this additional scar heals very well and often better than the periareolar component of the breast scar. This lollipop extension allows for a better reshaping of the breast skin and than the periareolar approach. It is very often worth the extra scar length. Some lollipop incision may have an extension off to the side. This will result in a lollpop with a ‘j’ or ‘l’ vertical scar. The last, most extensive scarring left on a breast after breast lifting, has both of the above and a scar along the entire bottom of the breast. This breast scar looks like an anchor. It is often the most disturbing commponent of a breast lift for a woman.

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