This breast augmentation complication is very rare but can lead to a loss of cleavage between the breasts. It can occur when breast implants are above the muscle or below. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Brown, has patients travel from across the country for this rare type of correction. Breast implant exchange is usually performed during the correction, but not necessarily.

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Synmastia pictures or Symmastia pictures 9 after breast implants*

She had her initial breast augmentation done elsewhere. She was concerned about her cleavage. She kept her original breast implants and underwent a symmastia repair. This is one of the ways that symmastia can be repaired. In the symmastia pictures see the internal stitches. Dr. Brown also uses other more sophisticated techniques to repair symmastia.

Synmastia pictures or Symmastia pictures 4 after breast implants*

This women came to see me after her breast augmentation done elsewhere. She was concerned about her areolar scars and her symmastia did not bother her. This is an example of mild symmastia photos which she declined repair of.

Synmastia pictures or Symmastia pictures 7 after breast implants*

She had a very large augmentation done in Rockville, MD and presented two years later with concerns about her cleavage. She did not want any corrective surgery done to her areolas. As you can see in the after symmastia pictures she has had a nice improvement. She was pleased with the restoration of her cleavage. Her before augmentation photos were not available.

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