The Northern Virginia Breast Augmentation Consultation

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One of the common questions during a breast augmentation consultation is ‘What should I expect to happen with breast implants surgery?’ After the research, selecting a plastic surgeon is next. Pick a board certified plastic surgeon by The American Board of Plastic Surgery as a minimum requirement. It is best to select a plastic surgeon that has a special interest in breast augmentation. Years of documented experience by the plastic surgeon is also preferred. The plastic surgeon should be able to produce a significant number of before and after breast implants photos. These pictures can be available at the breast augmentation consultation or online on their website. The breast augmentation consultation will involve answering questions. The plastic surgeon will perform a history and physical exam during the breast augmentation consultation. Then there should be a discussion so that she has realistic expectations. This is one of the most important parts of the breast augmentation consultation. The options of saline breast implants or silicone breast implants will be discussed.  The Ideal Breast Implant will also be introduced. The life span of breast implants will be covered. The breast implant position will be addressed. The breast augmentation incision options will  be reviewed.

During or after the exam of the breast augmentation consultation, breast implant sizing should take place. This is the time for the woman to say exactly what she wants. During your examination and consultation, you should try on some sample sizes and see what you are comfortable with. Then Dr Brown can help explain with the size and current condition of your breasts how the surgery result may look.

After the breast implants sizes have been selected, the rest of plans can be discussed during the breast augmentation consultation. The logistics of where, when, and the breast implants costs are reviewed. The breast augmentation consent form is then gone over with the patient. The medications to avoid before surgery list and breast implants surgery instructions are given. She will take them home and read them including some previous patient suggestions. She will return to the office on another day after the breast augmentation consultation to sign her consent forms. Then she will be given prescriptions and make payment. She may meet with the plastic surgeon again to answer questions. All of this can also occur as the same as the breast augmentation consultation. It really depends on the her readiness to proceed with the breast augmentation. If she is very prepared, most arrangements and processing can occur at breast augmentation consultation. Photographs are taken during this visit if she elects to proceed with the breast implants surgery.

At the breast augmentation consultation or at a separate visit called the pre-operative visit, she will also be given all instructions. The woman is told not eat or drink after midnight on the night before breast implants surgery.

The Breast Augmentation Surgery in Northern Virgina

The patient will see the plastic surgeon before the breast augmentation surgery. She will have any last questions answered. Her operative plan will be reinforced. She will have her operative markings made. She will meet with the nurses and anesthesia provider. She will be taken to the operating room.

The breast augmentation surgery should take less than an hour. It usually takes 25-40 minutes. She will awaken from anesthesia and be taken to the recovery room. She will fully awaken, and after augmentation instructions are reviewed with the caretaker, and then she will be sent home with the care provider. The night of the surgery and the following day are associated with the most pain. Ice packs to the upper breast area, above the nipples may be of great help. Pain medications may be used to help control the pain. Nothing will make the pain go away completely. Pain medications just make it more tolerable. The majority of the pain is from the chest muscle being stretched. Long acting numbing medication is placed during the breast implants surgery to help with this pain. It will be tolerable throughout the experience. A phone call check on the night of the breast augmentation surgery will find her awake. She may be walking around. She may be watching tv. Some nausea may occur. This subsides within the first 24 hours. Anti nausea medications are used during the breast augmentation surgery. These are to prevent this nausea from occurring. Extra anti nausea medications can be prescribed if there is a history of post operative nausea and vomiting or motion sickness. Breast augmentation patients are at a high risk to experience post operative nausea.

The Breast Augmentation Recovery in Northern Virginia

On the first morning after breast implants surgery, she may sponge bath. Plus she may immerse her lower half in a tub. On the morning of the second day after surgery, she may take a shower. The woman’s mobility will improve quickly. Most women undergoing breast augmentation will be able to go back to work on post operative day 5. This will depend on her job. She will return to the plastic surgeon’s office on or about the fourth or fifth day after surgery. She will have her stitches removed. She will learn how to move or massage the breast implants. She will do this for the next month.

She may begin regular activity as tolerated. She can begin light exercise at two weeks. She will be fully able to exercise at three weeks after her breast implants surgery. She will not hurt her result with exercise once cleared by the plastic surgeon. It may hurt her chest muscles but this should not hurt her breast augmentation result. If she resumes physical activity sooner than recommended, then the elevated blood pressure may cause bleeding. If this occurs, she may require a second breast surgery to remove the blood. The breast implants may have to be removed to control the bleeding. She will need to buy new breast implants to be replaced.

Usually by day 14, her range of motion is full. It is safe to do all exercises if cleared by the plastic surgeon. It is best to wait 3 weeks to start strenuous exercises. Push ups are not able to be performed until at least one month after breast implants surgery. Lifting a one year old baby (20 lbs) is not recommended until the woman has little pain. This will occur around day seven to ten. If the child wants to be held, it is best to have the baby climb into the woman’s lap. Lifting heavy objects like luggage, babies to car seats, closing airplane doors, or playing tennis, etc may all be performed as tolerated. Sun bathing is permitted as long as the scar is covered. No special creams, vitamins, oils, or lotions are necessary to aide in scar healing. There is no ‘best’ cream. They may be applied if the woman desires.

The breast implants will settle over a period of weeks to a few months. The amount of time required for this to occur depends on the woman individual circumstances.

The second post operative visit is about one month after breast implants surgery. Then at three months, six months, one year, and then every year after that. After breast augmentation photographs are usually taken at six months, and yearly. Out of town breast augmentation patients typically stay in town for four days and leave after their first visit. Some will return at one month, but most elect to use emails as their means of follow up.

Breast Augmentation Photos

These Northern Virginia breast augmentation photos are displayed as before and after picture results and illustrate a diverse group of women. It is best to appreciate that while they all achieved different results, they all have very natural and beautiful aesthetics. These are not necessarily the best results but rather these pictures portray just how differently women will look after breast augmentation. These before and after photos represent a wide group of results. If you take your time and look or even study the results you will learn about how a women’s preexisting anatomy contributes to her final result. This point will be reinforced during your Northern Virginia breast augmentation consultation and throughout Breast Augmentation Virginia.

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