The Ideal Breast Implants have finally started shipping in the US and Virginia. Although they are still only being shipped in limited numbers and sizes, they are being produced and we are ready!

The Ideal Breast Implants is the brain child of a plastic surgeon from Dallas, Texas. He invited Dr Michael J Brown nearly 3 years ago to join in the efforts to bring his vision to light and finally it has been achieved.

The Ideal Breast Implants in Virginia

This breast implant is touted to be the first implant that has all of the benefits of the silicone gel breast implant in the feel department. The Ideal Implant also has all of the benefits of the saline implants in the worry free and smaller incision department. So the Ideal Implant has the best of both worlds!

ideal breast implants virginia

Like all breast implants in the World, it has a silicone outer shell. The difference between existing implants that were available was that they are either filled with saline (watery like feel) or silicone (jelly like feel). The saline breast implants on the market all feel a bit too baggy and may feel unnatural in thin, modest breasted women. The silicone breast implants feel like breasts and more natural but also have longer incisions and the worry of what happens when the breast implant fails and the gel leaks out.

The ideal breast implants also have a bit of a different contour on the back side of the breast implant. This curvature is supposed to minimize the rippling that can occur on the outer aspects of the breast implants by lowering the edge of the breast implants. This is the cause of the rippling that can be felt and even seen is some breast implants.

ideal breast implants virginia profile view comparison

ideal breast implants virginia profile view comparison saline

Well the Ideal Implant has a patented, new design. The Ideal Implant is FDA approved and also approved in Canada. The breast implants are manufactured in the USA and have a warranty as well.

These breast implants are in limited supply and Dr Brown was the first plastic surgeon in Virginia to join the IDEAL BREAST IMPLANTs team.

Come in for a visit and learn more. The costs of the breast augmentation using the Ideal Breast Implants is the same as for silicone. These new breast implants are worth the price of the silicone and being worry free is what makes them actually even more valuable.

Ideal Breast Implants Available

These new breast implants are only available in limited sizes. Come in and see the breast implants and learn about its advantages.