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Most women have some degree of breast asymmetry. Sometimes it is noticed sometimes, plastic surgeon, Dr Michael J Brown is the first to point it out during the breast augmentation consultation. The prexisting shape and size of the breast mounds is one of the major influences on the end result of a breast augmentation surgery. The cleavage or gap area is a common area of concern for women and the gap distance is often difficult to create major changes in. The gap is basically genetically predetermined.

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Cleavage breast implants photos 166*

This thin woman has excellent before breast and body characteristics. She elected to have a natural size breast augmentation and allowed her features provide most of the result. Her breast implants are very well concealed.

Cleavage breast implants Northern Virginia photos 197*

She has excellent natural breast characteristics. She had a natural breast augmentation that enhances her own lovely features. She has a very nice result. Note how her before characteristics really contribute to her after breast augmentation result.

Cleavage breast implants Northern Virginia photos 438*

She has a narrow breast bone or sternum. So her muscle comes very close to the midline. This allows her breast implants to come close to the middle and provide great cleavage. A top request in some women seeking breast augmentation.

Cleavage breast implants Northern Virginia photos 497*

She has beautiful breasts to begin with and requested a full generous breast augmentation. Her natural breast characteristics demonstrate that her after result is her breasts just made larger.

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