Breast Implants Costs in Northern Virginia

The breast implants cost can be broken down into a few parts.  When most ask about the breast implants costs what they typically mean is how much does the breast augmentation cost.  The actual breast implants costs is just one component of the breast augmentation costs.  The most important aspect is still finding the best plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia to do the ‘boob job’.  (FYI: Boob job is not my choice of terms but people do use it to search with.) The parts that make up the cost are the surgeon’s fee, the facility fee, anesthesia fee and breast implants costs. These parts are involved in creating the best price. The breast augmentation surgery needs to take place in a very safe facility that has certification. There are three primary certifying agencies that can be used. Most breast augmentations are performed in outpatient settings, either a surgery center or private medical center. Some breast augmentations are done at the hospital but still as an outpatient. Having a dedicated, certified medical anesthesia person is best for the patient. This provides the most safety for the patient. These two factors contribute to the total breast implants cost. The facility also needs to provide the best possible staff to support the anesthesia and plastic surgical team. There are supplies that are required to perform breast implants surgery. The supplies are part of the facility fee. The medications are also part of the facility fee. The special supplies include the breast implants costs. Breast implants can be saline filled, or silicone gel breast implants. Breast implants costs will vary on which fill is used.

breast implants costsThe total end of Summer Special saline breast implants costs is $5,525 as a check discount. Silicone gel breast implants costs $6,525 for the check discount. The  silicone gel breast implants cost is more expensive because silicone gel breast implants cost more money. These reduced fees reflect $1,000 off the regular fees. The breast implants costs are ‘all included’ fees except for the prescriptions.

The new IDEAL BREAST IMPLANTS are used in sizes from the 300’s to low 400cc volumes since those are the only ones available currently. Using the Ideal breast implants costs $6,525 as an introductory special.

Breast Augmentation Photos Northern Virginia

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