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Women with a wide or large breast bone typically are aware of this before their breast augmentation examination. It is a concern and a requested area of improvement for their breast augmentation result. While every effort is made during the implant surgery to position the implant to narrow this gap, ultimately the physical anatomy of the patient is the greatest determinant of the result.

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Wide gap breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 988*

She has a very wide breast bone and her breast mounds are positioned over her ribs. Her wide gap is normal for her and is not a problem. Note how her gap is really set before she has her breast augmentation. Also note how her nipples are centered on her breast mounds.

Wide gap breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 261*

She has a nice amount of breast tissue to begin with. Note how her breast bone width and gap remain consistent after her breast augmentation.

Wide gap breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 613*

She has a wide breast bone. This is a natural feature for her and it has always been this way. Note how her gap or cleavage distance is consistent from her before and after breast augmentation photographs.

Wide gap breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 471*

Her breast gap is not really noticeable until after her breast augmentation. In clothes, bras and bathing suits it is also not an issue. Her gap is predetermined by her natural breast and body characteristics. The only way to have narrowed it would have been to use large breast implants and this would not have been best for her.

Wide gap breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 257*

This woman has deflated breast mounds after pregnancy and breast feeding. She had proportional breast implants that suited her frame and restored her confidence in clothes and bathing suits. Note how her gap before breast implants is not noticeable secondary to the loss of breast volume. When the breast implants have been placed, you can see how her after photos demonstrate a consistent gap.

Wide gap breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 140*

Please notice how wide her breast bone or sternum is before breast augmentation. This is a subtle finding on her since she is so thin. This natural finding is what determines the gap between her breasts. If the breast implants where positioned more in the middle then her nipples would appear even more outpointing than they do. Notice how her breast mounds appear naturally centered below her areolas.

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