Breast implant size equals bra cup size?

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Nearly everyday that I meet with women for breast augmentation consultations I am asked about which breast implant size will make them a ‘full C’ or ‘full C-small D’. These women are intelligent and have been doing their ‘homework’ on the internet trying to determine which breast implant size they need to go with. They are also concerned about shape, shell types and implant fills of saline or silicone. The round & smooth aspects of the breast implants are usually the easy part for the women to decide about. The size and fill may be the difficult ones. But size definitely causes the most anxiety. The women have been all over the web, taken notes, selected pictures of various examples and may have even compared body frames to aide in their decisions. All of which are great helps and serve to alleviate the anxiety.

One of the most important aspects of this site is to teach women that their pre-existing anatomy is one of the most important determinants in how their breast will look. The full C delimma is difficult to grasp for several reasons. There is no industry standard for bra sizes, women will be fit differently at different stores and wear different sizes of bra bought on the same day, in the same mall, purchased at different stores or even the same department store. Since I do not wear bras nor buy them, I am not the industry expert either. What is best is to take all of these bras and history of bra wearing and physical exam to aide in determining which implant size will provide the ‘look and feel’ that they are looking for. If you achieve that, then does it matter if you are wearing a full C? or a small D? Perhaps at some store the result yields a ‘medium C’. The point is that it really does not matter what size bra you wear, it is how it looks on you.

If you have natural tissue and wear a small B cup, then you would need a different breast implant size than a woman who wears a double A. What also adds to this problem is that as your breast gets larger it gets wider and this may require a back size increase. So a woman may come in wearing a 34 A/B and afterwards wears a 36 C. She may look and feel great in that bra size. Now if she tried on a 34 back, she may be a 34D. It may not feel comfortable so she opts for the 36 C bra. This example happens and is common. So she is happy in both bras but she still only has the one set of breasts. Remember your body and knowing what ‘look’ you want is more important than the number. I make a point of this on my site, because there are not many bra size lettes or numbers. That is not the point of this surgery. It is how you would look.