Breast augmentation after reduction pictures in Northern Virginia

Breast augmentation after reduction surgery is a small group of women.  Some women have a breast reduction earlier in life. As life goes on, sometime those women will lose a lot of their breast volume. Usually significant weight loss or pregnancies and resultant loss of breast volume are initiating factors to seek breast augmentation after reduction. Typically these women can have nice results from breast reduction after reduction surgery. This is provided the tissues are suitable for breast implants.

The overwhelming majority of women seeking breast augmentation after reduction will be decades out from their breast reduction.

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Northern Virginia breast Augmentation after reduction pictures 23*

This woman had a breast reduction and eventually lost more breast volume as life went on. She wanted larger breasts that made her feel more confident than the smaller breast mounds.

Northern Virginia breast Augmentation after reduction pictures 15*

She was originally very large breasted and had a breast reduction. She decided she was too small after additional weight loss and breast atrophy over the years. She requested breast augmentation after reduction many years earlier.

Northern Virginia breast Augmentation after reduction pictures 31*

She had a prior breast reduction done several years previously. She requested larger breast mounds using breast implants. Her before and after pictures show the difference in her breast volumes.