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Breast implant deflation can occur as an unplanned event. In this situation, a single breast implant will seemingly deflate over a night or a few days. The timing or life expectancy of the breast implants is covered in the info section. Fortunately, the risks and complications of the breast enhancement surgery are relatively rare and uncommon. It is important to understand that they do exist though. Breast implant deflation with saline filled implants may occur as soon as a few months after surgery or typically years to decades after the breast implant surgery. The breast implant may deflate slowly or more commonly the woman will wake up and notice that the breast is smaller. When breast implant deflation occurs within the first 10 years, there is typically some degree of warranty. So if the breast implant deflation occurs in less than 10 years, the implant company will cover most of the expenses and even provide new breast implants. After the 10 years, the patient will be provided new breast implants by the implant company but then the remainder of the fees are paid by the patient. The specific details will vary by breast implant company.

Breast implant deflation can also occur intentionally.  This usually involves a women desiring a second surgery. She may want to go larger or smaller, or even want the breast implants removed. By having breast implant deflation, it can be determined how much saline was in the breast implants. This is valuable information for the breast implant exchange surgery. In the breast implant removal situation, breast implant deflation can allow the plastic surgeon and the patient to just how she will look at the breast implants are removed. In the breast implant exchange situation, the woman will be able to try on breast implants to determine which size will meet her needs.

Important Info
These are breast implant deflation picture examples of what it looks like when someone has a unplanned breast implant deflation.

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She had a breast augmentation and breast lift surgery performed elsewhere. She noted a change in her right breast size and requested that the breast implants be changed, her breasts be reshaped and the areolar scars be revised.

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This woman had her breast augmentation done elsewhere. She developed a breast implant deflation and wanted breast implant replacement. She also underwent a breast implant exchange and breast scar capsule pocket revision. Her after photos demonstrate how her breast shape had been influenced from her previous breast implant.

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This women had recently relocated to the Virginia and experienced a deflation in her right breast implant. She underwent a right breast implant exchange and declined any surgery on the left breast breast. She believes her breasts were perfect before the deflation and did not want any reshaping done at the time of breast implant exchange.