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breast implant removal fairfax vaThere are some women who after having breast implants placed for breast enhancement no longer desire them and request the breast implants to be removed. The reasons for breast implant removal after augmentation may be related to the woman’s natural breast growth, pregnancy related breast growth, excessive weight gain which contributed to larger breast size, or simply just not wanting to have breast implants any more.

Removing breast implants is usually a relatively straight forward process and does not cause a great deal of discomfort. Complexity of breast implant removal is increased when a woman’s natural breast tissues are heavy or have sagged. In this situation, after the breast implant removal the breast may require a breast lift. The final breast scars that are left on the breast after breast implant removal depends on what is required to reshape the breast mound.

Some breasts look fine after the breast implants are removed. In this case, the breast implant removal requires only a small incision. If the breast is heavy and needs to have a breast lift then there will be breast lift scars remaining on the breasts.

The breast implant capsule does not have to be removed. In general, it poses no health risk. As long the capsule is thin, soft and without calcium deposits, it is fine to leave them in. The body will reabsorb the thin layer over time. This is of no consequence and is entirely safe.  If the woman is requesting breast implant removal because of disfigurement or capsular contracture, she will usually require to the breast scar tissue capsule to also be removed. In these cases the breast implant capsule is usually thick, it should be removed. When the breast capsule is required to be removed, there is usually a bit more bleeding and resultant bruising. A drain may be required to placed in the space where the scar tissue and breast implants were. This drain will allow any oozing and drainage to be removed from the woman and allows for a faster recovery. Breast implants placed above the muscle are more likely to have thicker scar tissue capsules and more difficulties after breast implant removals. As with anything in cosmetic surgery, it really depends on the individual woman’s case and what her requests are.

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Some women who have had previous breast augmentation surgery will decide to have the breast implants removed and not replaced. Some of these women will need to have the extra skin cut away and breast shape improved to improve their end result. Others will have the breast implants removed and will not require any other plastic surgery. The scar tissue may be partially or completely removed and in some cases it will remain in. The scar tissue is typically not a problem.

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These are Northern Virginia breast implant removal pictures of the different types of treatments that may be required after breast implant removal.
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Northern Virginia Breast implant removal pictures 18*

This woman was considering having her breast implants removed but was concerned about being too small. So her saline filled breast implants were intentionally deflated in the office. She was happy with her size and declined smaller breast implants. She was identified to have an inframammary fold problem that required her fold to be reconstructed at the time of the breast implant removal.

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She requested her breast implants to be removed. She did not want a breast implant exchange for smaller breast implants. She wanted breast implant removal and her tissues did not require a breast lift or any corrective surgery.

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This woman asked for her breast implants and scar tissue to be removed and no breast implants to be replaced. She required some breast reshaping to improve her result. Her breast implants were above the muscle.

Northern Virginia Breast implant removal pictures 27*

She had capsular contracture of her breast implants and was unhappy with the feel and size of her breasts. She requested to have her breast implants removed. Her skin envelop would have sagged too much and she required a breast lift after the scar tissue and breast implants were removed.

Northern Virginia Breast implant removal pictures 3*

She was not comfortable with having the breast implants and requested that the implants be removed and no breast implants replaced. She required a breast lift to improve her breast shape. Her breast implants were below the muscle.