Low nipples breast augmentation pictures Northern Virginia

Low nipples breast augmentation is a common concern for women after breast feeding or weight loss. The lower positioned areolas pose a dilemma for both the plastic surgeon and the woman. Especially if the woman had not noticed it before the breast augmentation consultation. The decision for a breast lift is typically based in part by position of the areola on the breast mound. The high positioned areolas allow for the breast to be enhanced using just breast implants.The extremely low positioned areolas require a breast lift. The tough decision is when the areolar positions are ‘on the border’ and there is a choice to lift the breasts and areolaes or just place breast implants. These woman have to decide, breast lift or not. This section exemplifies women who were given the choice and elected to have only breast implants placed. These results demonstrate a lower breast mound but still have very happy women. None of the women with these breast augmentation results requested breast lift cosmetic surgery after their surgery.

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Low nipples breast augmentation pictures 21*

Notice how this woman’s after breast augmentation photographs demonstrate the slight lift that may be achieved with breast implants alone. She have a very natural appearing breast augmentation result and is very pleased.

Low nipples breast augmentation pictures 64*

See how this woman’s breasts are heavy and have low, asymmetric areolas. Notice how natural looking her breast augmentation is after her surgery. Note that most of her asymmetries have become less noticeable. In her case, more volume restored her breasts to a nicer shape.

Low nipples breast augmentation pictures 57*

She is a good example of low positioned nipples with an acceptable result after breast implants. Note how there is a bit more skin showing below the areolaes after the breast augmentation and how the breast mounds sit a bit low on the chest. This women is very pleased with this breast augmentation result.

Low nipples breast augmentation pictures 42*

Young, thin woman after 3 childbirths and breast feeding history. She did not want a breast lift. She was very pleased with her breast augmentation result. Note how the breast implants and breast mounds do sit a bit low on the chest