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Breast muscle flex distortion is a problem with submuscular breast implants. When breast implants are placed under the muscle, sometimes the cut muscle can scar onto the breast capsule. The breast capsule is the outer lining of where the breast implant is positioned. When the chest muscle is flexed, it can lead to a distortion of the breast mound. This is a relatively rare occurrence and can typically be corrected. It is only noticed with flexing. Some women will want it corrected while others do not find it concerning enough to undergo another surgery.

The correction in mild cases of muscle flex distortion is pretty straightforward.  It is these cases where the muscle flex deformity can be nearly completely corrected. Even after all of the scared in muscle is released from the capsule, some of it may reattach. When there is reattachment of the muscle, the muscle flex distortion will return. It is usually much more mild, and it is typical to get about 70% to 100% improvement in them mild cases. In the more significant cases of muscle flex distortion, the degree of correction may not be as high as 75%.  But in some instances the patient’s muscle does not reattach and they will see a near complete resolution of the muscle flex distortion.

When a woman wants 100% correction, the only way to guarantee complete correction of the muscle flex distortion is to reposition the breast implants above the muscle. Most women will not elect for this option. Fortunately, most cases are rare and mild and do not require any more surgery.

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Muscle flex distortion after breast augmentation pictures*

She presented at her routine follow up appointment and noted that when she flexed her muscles both of her breasts changed shape and she developed a crease. This is an example of her chest muscle scaring down onto her breast capsule. She did not want a second surgery and was just curious about the cause.