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Breast development occurs at different rates. Most women’s breasts are different shapes and sizes. The breast development is in response to hormones and weight changes. The right and left breasts of a woman may not respond the same to the breast growth hormones. When this occurs, the breast development will result in different sizes and shapes. This is an example of a breast development with asymmetry ‘without restriction‘. breast development asymmetry virginiaThis means that the breast development results in different sizes but not because of other factors restricting the breasts growth. Breast development can be asymmetric with or without restriction of the surrounding tissues.

Breast development asymmetry with tissue restriction occurs when one or both breasts fail to grow correctly because of the restriction of the skin and surrounding tissues. These tissues do not expand and actually prevent the breast development. If or when, the breast does continue to grow with this surrounding restriction, the breast will grow and expand the areolar tissue. The breast tissue will actually protrude the areola. The breast development will result in a different breast shape and size. This irregularity is referred to as a tuberous breast deformity. There are varying degrees of tuberous breast deformity, from a mild to severe form, also described using types 1-3. tuberous breast deformity scaleThe more severe forms, type 3 will have very tight constricted breasts in the bottom part of the breast. The more severe forms of constricted breast development will also have wide distorted areolar tissues with breast gland actually pushing out through the areola. This breast tissue pushing out through the areola gives the tuberous breast deformity its distinctive look.

Regardless of the type of breast development asymmetry, the nipples are usually located in different positions and the nipples may be different sizes with breast asymmetries.

Another very important asymmetry that is often under appreciated is where the breast fold or crease that is made where the bottom of the breast rejoins the chest. This fold is usually where the ‘underwire’ of a bra sits. The name of this fold is the Infra-Mammary Fold (IMF). When breast development results in different sizes, these folds may be at different levels. This is important because, the breast implant usually rests on this fold. So if the inframammary folds are at different levels, then the breast mounds will be in different positions on the chest.

A common concern for a woman is to not have a large gap between her breasts, or narrow cleavage after breast augmentation surgery. Practically speaking, a woman’s gap is preset by her natural anatomy and bone structure. It is possible to narrow the gap a bit but overall the gap is not narrowed to any major degree. Excessive attempts at narrowing a gap may cause a complication like symmastia, or cause the nipples to point to the outsides of each breasts. The level of their inframammary folds may also be asymmetric and will usually remain asymmetric after a breast augmentation.

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Northern Virginia Breast Implants Pictures of Breast Development Examples

Development of the breast can halt at any stage of breast development. Sometimes the breast mounds stop developing at different stages. This will result in breast mound asymmetries. Women with pre-existing developmental variations that get corrected with a breast augmentation are some of the happiest patients. Most will require different sized breast implants and some may require a breast lift to reposition the nipple areola to a more symmetric position. These are mostly constricted breast asymmetries.

Northern Virginia Breast Implants Pictures of Areolar Breast Development Asymmetry

The nipple and areolar tissue of the breasts are an important landmark for the breast mound. An uncommon variation among women is areolar size asymmetries. These size discrepancies usually do not amount to a significant concern for the woman. This is because the woman is usually aware that it exists and has realizes that this is going to exist even after the breast augmentation plastic surgery. Please note how the areolas appear on these types of breast mounds after their breast implants.

Northern Virginia Breast Implants Pictures of Nipple Position Breast Development Asymmetry

High-low variations in areolar positions or asymmetries can range from subtle to dramatic areolar discrepancies. The subtle variations may go unnoticed until after the breast implant has been placed. The high low variations can be magnified after breast augmentation plastic surgery. It is important to note this variation beforehand so the expectation level can be adjusted. Realistic expectations yield the happiest women. Sometimes this asymmetry is combined with inframammary fold asymmetries as well.

Northern Virginia Breast Implants Pictures of Women with Narrow Gap

Most women have some degree of breast asymmetry. Sometimes it is noticed sometimes, plastic surgeon, Dr Michael J Brown is the first to point it out during the breast augmentation consultation. The pre-existing shape and size of the breast mounds is one of the major influences on the end result of a breast augmentation surgery. The cleavage or gap area is a common area of concern for women and the gap distance is often difficult to create major changes in. The gap is basically genetically predetermined.

Northern Virginia Breast Implants Pictures of Women with Wide Gaps

Women with a wide or large breast bone typically are aware of this before their breast augmentation examination. It is a concern and a requested area of improvement for their breast augmentation result. While every effort is made during the implant surgery to position the implant to narrow this gap, ultimately the physical anatomy of the patient is the greatest determinant of the result.