Breast implant rotation & the correction of misshaped breasts in Northern Virginia

Breast implant rotation can be a good thing as long as the breast implant shape is round. Sometimes though, it can result in misshaped breasts when a tear dropped shaped breast implant is used. This is often undiagnosed except be a keen eyed person or plastic surgeon. Breast implant rotation occurs with round implants without a problem.  This is because the breast implants are round and when the axis shifts, it is still the same shape.

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Breast implant rotation that is not ideal is called malrotation. Malrotation can only occur after using ‘tear dropped’ shaped breast implants. These tear dropped shaped breast implants have a definite axis or orientation. The upper half of the implant is narrower and less projecting, and the lower half of the breast implant is wider and more projecting. These breast implants must be positioned in the woman very precisely. There is little margin for error. These breast implants are designed not to move. They have a textured shell. The plastic surgeon will try to create a small pocket for the implant that is only large enough for the breast implant. This is done to prevent breast implant rotation.

This smaller pocket is designed so that breast implant rotation will not occur. Unfortunately over time, a tear dropped shaped breast implant will usually be breast implant rotation to some degree. Then the woman is left with a distorted shaped breast mound. If this breast implant rotation is not identified, then the woman’s breast skin will stretch. This will exacerbate the irregular shape of the breast. This makes the correction of breast implant rotation more difficult. Usually this is the case when a woman comes in for questions about her ‘strange’ breast shape. When a secondary surgery is performed, the shaped breast implant is removed, and a round smooth breast implant is placed. Because the breast skin has been stretched disproportionately. The nipple will usually be in a different position than the other breast’s nipple position. These nipple and shape asymmetries can be worse if both shaped implants have rotated in different directions or to different degrees of rotation. Sometimes these corrections can yield dramatic results. Other times the improvement is more subtle. The results will vary based upon:the age of the implants, which position they are in, the woman’s genetics, the size of the new breast implants, and the skill of the plastic surgeon.

Since most breast augmentations are not done with the anatomic or tear dropped shaped breast implants, the breast implant rotation is relatively rare these days. Most plastic surgeons will use round breast implants just to avoid this complication. Now with the newer silicone gel breast implants there is still less rotation of the breast implants, but it still occurs.

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Northern Virginia Breast implant rotation pictures 94*

She had tear dropped breast implants placed above the muscle for a more supposed ‘natural look’. Her breast implants have significantly rotated in different directions. These were removed and all of her scar tissue. Fortunately these types of shaped breast implants have fallen out of vogue because to this exact problem. New silicone gel breast implants were placed below her muscles to give her the best ‘natural look’ that could be provided.

Northern Virginia Breast implant rotation pictures 167*

She has ‘anatomic’ shaped breast implants that have rotated and do not look right. This malrotation is concerning to her and she requested a breast implants exchange and repositioning of the new breast implants to below the muscle.

Northern Virginia Breast implant rotation pictures 207*

She has tear dropped shaped breast implants under her chest muscles. Her left breast implant is malrotated slightly and is difficult to appreciate in these photos. It is easy to appreciate that her breasts look much better with round breast implants without any malrotation. These breast implants were also placed under the muscle.