Breast implant shapes in Northern Virginia

Breast implant shapes used for breast enhancement and breast reconstruction come in different shapes and sizes. They are filled with either saline or silicone. The two breast implant shapes are round and tear dropped (or ‘anatomic’). Round breast implant shapes for breast enhancement are more commonly used than the tear dropped breast implant shapes.


Round breast implant shapes come in different widths and each breast implant width has a corresponding recommended fill range or saline fill volume. So there are many different sized round breast implants. In efforts to improve breast shape, the implant manufactures have tried to offer more choices in round breast implant shapes. The projection of a breast implant refers to how high or how much a breast implant projects off the chest wall when it becomes filled. The round breast implant shapes come in low, medium or moderate,  high projections and extra-high profiles. Different companies use different names for these distinctions. breast implant shapes profilesThe low and extra-high projecting implants have limited applications in breast enhancement for the average woman. The moderate or medium profile breast implants are the most commonly used round breast implant shapes. The high and extra-high projecting breast implants are designed to have a broader range of saline fill capacity. As a high profile implant is filled more, it becomes more narrow. This narrowing characteristic and more projection is not right for most women requesting breast enhancement.

Round breast implant shapes come in both smooth and textured shell covers. The concept of placing the tear dropped breast implant shapes center around the idea that these breast implant shapes will improve the final result. This concept is much better suited for breast reconstruction than breast enhancement surgery. In reality, these tear dropped shaped implants fail to deliver a better long term result.

With these breast implant shapes, the lower half of the breast implants have more projection than the top half of the breast implants. The lower half fullness is suppose to mimic the natural shape of a breast. These types of breast implants also come in different sizes. Unlike the round breast implants, the tear dropped shaped devices actually have three measurements. The tear dropped breast implant shapes have a width, a height, and a projection. The width varies at the top side of the implant and the lower half of the breast implant. The height is measured from the lowermost point to the highest point and the projection is measured at the lower half of the implant. In essence, these breast implant shapes can be thought of as an egg that is flat on the side that lies on the chest. These unique attributes of the tear dropped breast implant shapes require that they be positioned very precisely and not move around. Therefore, tear dropped breast implant shapes are usually textured shelled so they will not move. Unfortunately, these breast implants will often rotate over time. When these tear dropped breast implants rotate or turn to the side over time, it can lead to marked asymmetries in breast shapes between the two breasts. When this occurs, it is an example of a breast implant malposition.