Interpreting breast augmentation photos Northern Virginia

It is amazing how many before and after breast augmentation photos there are on the internet. It is also puzzling on why some these photos would be on display. The cosmetic results are poor or can not be interpreted because the photos are not standardized. No accurate assessment can be made from photos like that. Interpreting breast augmentation photos correctly may lead you to appreciate the differences between plastic surgeons.

interpreting breast augmentation photosWhen interpreting breast augmentation photos, you should look for standardization in the photos. Are the all taken from the same views? Has the same amount of time lapsed between the before and after photos. Interpreting breast augmentation photos is a bit of a learned skill and you have to look at pictures taken by different people to see just how different they may appear on different web sites.

When interpreting breast augmentation photos, the best way to view a woman’s breast in before and after breast augmentation photos is to have the woman standing up. She should have her arms at her side in a relaxed position. This is a natural position that a woman would have during normal life. Breasts evaluated in this posture are more likely to resemble how they would look if she was standing in front of a mirror. The photo is best taken at chest level at least showing her collar bones, her arms at her sides, and her belly button in all the images. This type of photographic framing allows for consistent assessments to be made about the result. This is how all photos have been taken on Breast Augmentation Virginia. This is a completely natural. When interpreting Northern Virginia breast augmentation photos you should ask yourself, does this seem like a natural pose or stance? If not, then the breast augmentation may change when they assume a natural position.

When interpreting Northern Virginia breast augmentation photos, having the woman’s photos be taken from a higher or lower level can be deceiving. Having the photos be taken with her arms on her hips, or behind her, or arching her back/shoulders can also artificially show an enhancement result that does not exist. These types of photographic postures will tend to lift the nipples to a higher level than she may have. It is likely that some photos will have these variants occasionally but if a pattern is established with these irregularities then perhaps further thought may be recommended.

When interpreting Northern Virginia breast augmentation photos, it is best to compare the same views when looking at results. The best standard views of before and after breast augmentation photos are the frontal, both sides, and if available the 45 degree angle (oblique) view. It is also best to have the photos be taken nearly the same distance from the camera. When interpreting breast augmentation photos, if you are looking at before and after breast augmentation photographs that have this degree of standardization, you can be assured that what you are looking at is an accurate reflection of the breast augmentation result. It the views are way off, taken at different levels and different angles then it is important and is best to recognize these discrepancies and perhaps…beware.

It is also best to remember that individual results do vary from woman to woman. These pictures show tremendous variability yet standardized breast augmentation photos.Dr Michael J Brown

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Hopefully you have a reasonable idea that not all women have the same result after Northern Virginia breast augmentation. This is a section that will allow you to test your understanding of how a woman’s anatomy will dictate their breast augmentation result. You may see if you can figure out how these women’s anatomy will influence their breast augmentation result. See if you can review these women’s before pictures and determine what they will look like afterwards. Then look at the after breast augmentation photos. You are welcome to visit other breast augmentation photos sections to learn more about a woman’s body and breast shape influencing their result.