Breast shape influences Northern Virginia breast augmentation results

One of the most influential components of a woman’s breast augmentation results is her body.  The breast shape influences Northern Virginia breast augmentation results. Period.  This parallels the concept presented in body shape influences breast augmentation results. The body and breast characteristics truly influence the breast augmentation results. So the better a woman understands this, the more happy they will be.  It is best that a woman have a realistic understanding of her existing breast and body characteristics. Breast implants enhancement surgery makes the existing breasts larger. If a woman has irregularly shaped or differently positioned nipples before the breast augmentation, she will most likely have the same asymmetries with the breast augmentation results. Subtle changes can occur to breast and nipple positions during the breast augmentationbreast shapes and breast augmentation results in virginiaA key to remember is that what a woman’s shape is before is a main contributor to her Northern Virginia breast augmentation results. Rib cage curvatures, breast bone size and curvatures of the spine also affect how a breast implant will look under the breast.

The nipples are typically somewhat centered on the breast mound. They can also be on the outer aspects of the breasts. Some women can be classified by having outpointing nipples, down pointing nipples, straight or asymmetric nipples. This can occur through natural breast development. This can also occur with breast size changes the occur with pregnancy or weight changes. The breast augmentation results will typically push the breasts out thus if the nipples are forward, they will be pushed forward. If the nipples are upward, then they tend to keep that attribute. Outpointing nipples will tend to be pushed out a bit more. The skill of the plastic surgeon to place the breast implant in the correct position is really  important. If the breast implants are centered on the breast mound and attention is paid to the nipple position, the breast augmentation results will be excellent.

The size and weight of the breasts will also influence her Northern Virginia breast augmentation results. When the woman is very thin with little breast tissue, then her new breast mound will be mostly breast implants. This has pros and cons that are discussed in the thin women and breast implants page. Some woman have a fair amount of breast tissue or even heavy breasts. They too can expect a different result from their breast augmentation. In the heavy breasted women, their breast augmentation result will really depend on the body shape, torso, nipple position, and skin envelop that holds up the breasts.

In summary, women can have very dramatically different breast shapes and sizes or they may have nearly identical breasts. The more similar the breasts appear before a breast augmentation, the more similar they tend to look after a Northern Virginia breast augmentation surgery. This point needs to be made and understood before a woman has breast enhancement surgery. Women who understand and appreciate their existing anatomy are always happier than the women who has false assumptions of how a breast implant will change their breasts. Breast implants do not create perfect breasts from every breast shape. Subtle adjustments may be made in the implant position and therefore change a result during a breast augmentation. It is these types of adjustments that separate plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Brown’s work from others.

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Northern Virginia Breast augmentation pictures of breast shape variations

Most women have some degree of breast asymmetry, this may be mild or quite significant. The prexisting shape and size of the breast mounds is one of the major influences on the end result of a breast augmentation surgery. Shape variations are common and can often still exist after the breast augmentation cosmetic surgery.

Northern Virginia Breast augmentation pictures of women with out pointing nipples

The out pointing areolas on the breast mounds are a very common variant. These variants can also be found on women with different shaped rib cages and wide breast bones. If the rib cage is very curved, the breast mounds will point outwards and the nipple areolar tissues will also. Typically, women with significant curvature may also have wide breast bones. Many women will have some asymmetries of the nipple and areolar tissues. Please note how the breasts and areolas typically maintain their pre-plastic surgery aesthetics.

Northern Virginia Breast augmentation pictures of women with heavy breasts

Some women with breasts that have been ‘deflated’ after breast feeding or weight loss will seek breast enhancement using breast implants. Some of these women will actually have a fair amount of breast tissue but not as much as before and will want to have the fuller look back. These women’s breast mounds are typically a bit lower than the ideal position and will remain a bit lower after breast augmentation. Despite this lower breast position, their breast augmentation result may be outstanding.