Pregnancy and breast implants

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Every so often I will have a previous breast augmentation patient contact me with concerns about a new pregnancy. They are typically apprehensive about what will happen to their breasts because of the weight gain and the hormones associated with the pregnancy and after delivery, when the milk comes in. The only answer that I can give them with certainty is that I do not know what will happen. There are no crystal balls.  What I can and do tell them is that over the past 15 years, I do not have a lot of patients coming back needing to have their breasts lifted. Some of the women may have lost more breast volume and want to go with larger breast implants. While others (most) are completely content with the shape and size of their breasts.

As for breast feeding? I tell them that breast feeding is a personal choice that would benefit the baby. While the breasts may take a ‘hit’ they typically do not get ‘destroyed’. As I mentioned above, most women will not require additional breast implants surgery after a pregnancy. It more pregnancies are planned, then the risks for secondary breast surgery will go up. If you want to consider breast implants or revisions to breast implants, I recommend that you get back to your regular weight and condition. This way I will have the best chance to provide you the aesthetic enhancement that you are looking for.