What kind of anesthesia is used during breast augmentation plastic surgery?

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Anesthesia is a complicated subject. Anesthesia is used locally in the breast tissues themselves and throughout the body using other drugs. When the drugs are administered through the IV (the vein), most people think that this is ‘IV sedation’ and not a ‘general’ anesthesia. Technically speaking, using an IV does not imply a level or degree of anesthesia but rather a route to administer the drugs. Inhalational agents are another modality or route to administer drugs and sedation. A level of sedation or consciousness is classified by how the body responds/or fails to resond to a stimuli. So there is ‘light sedation’ and ‘deep or general sedation’, the later category is refered to as ‘general anesthesia’. It does not imply a breathing tube but rather a level of unconsciousness. General anesthesia can be achieved using IV medications or inhalational medications. Inhalational delivery of drugs can be entered into the body using specialized airways or ‘breathing tubes’. It is a common misconception that IV medication anesthesia is less anesthesia than inhalational anesthesia. Another common misconception is that if you have general anesthesia, you will be paralyzed and not be able to move if you were to wake up during the breast implant surgery. You do not need to be paralyzed to have general anesthesia.The important thing to remember is that you will be asleep and will not feel anything. If you were to awaken you would be able to move and this would signal to the anesthesiologist that you require more medicine. This is extremely rare, and you would not remember it even if it was to occur. Technically speaking, this breast enhancement surgery is performed under general anesthesia without a breathing tube and without being paralyzed. The anesthesia is administered both using IV and inhalational medications.