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Breast implants construction used for breast enhancement surgery that are FDA approved are made from basically a few manufacturers. The outer part of the breast implants device is called the shell. The breast implants shell is constructed of silicone. This silicone is not the silicone ‘gel’ that had all the controversy raised about it in 1990’s. The breast implants shell is a firmer type of silicone. The shell is essentially a bag. The breast implants shell is fairly thick and durable. The shell comes constructed with either two textures, ‘smooth’ or ‘textured’. breast implants virginia shapesSmooth shelled breast implants are slippery and can move around if the pocket created for the breast implant during the augmentation surgery is large enough. Textured shelled breast implants are designed not to move in the pocket. They appear to have a roughened outer shell. The texturing designed for immobilization has been shown in some studies to minimize capsular contracture but it is not by a significant enough value to alter the breast implant selection. This is because the texturing also has notable drawbacks. Firmer feeling, ripple easier, fail more often, and do not move like natural breasts.

breast implants construction virginia

The breast implants construction uses two fills, they are filled with either saline liquid or silicone gel. The breast implants that are readily available in the US are saline filled and silicone gel filled breast implants. The saline breast implants construction creates an implant that comes empty and are filled at the time of enlargement surgery. The majority of breast augmentations today in the US are performed by plastic surgeons using saline filled breast implants. Silicone gel breast implants are also used and are getting close to taking over the number one position. Silicone gel filled breast implants are prefilled and the silicone gel can not be added or removed. Silicone gel implants breast implants construction results in ‘unrestricted’ use devices, and all women qualify to have them. The only FDA restriction is that women must be 22 years of age to select a silicone gel breast implant. The silicone gel breast implants are increasingly being selected over the saline choice.The silicone gel breast implants now are cohesive, or gummy bear like. This means that the silicone gel is cross linked to itself and if the breast implant fails, it will not leak out. These cohesive gel breast implants will stick to itself.

There have been breast implants made that have two compartments. These two compartment breast implants have both types of fill used in them. Some implants have silicone as the inner compartment and saline as the outer compartment. The saline compartment is filled at the time of surgery. Other two compartment breast implants are reversed, and the saline is on the inside. These saline inner compartments are still filled at the time of surgery. In general, these two compartment devices are very seldom used today.

ideal breast implants construction virginia profile There is a new breast implant has received FDA approval. This breast implants construction results in an implant that has two chambers and baffles, and is only filled with saline. The ideal breast implant feels like silicone but does not have the concerns about leaking silicone gel. It is called the Ideal Breast Implant.

All types of breast implants come in different sizes. It is not one size breast implant fits all women. The breast implants are designed to fit the width of the woman’s chest. At a certain width, a range of volume is recommended.