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Veins after breast augmentation is not a common occurrence. Veins are part of our natural anatomy. Vein show is a consequence of the surgery. Consequences may occur after any type of surgery. These are not complications because it is not necessarily a bad event. It may be perceived as an unwanted result though. It is important to understand that they do exist. Vein show may increase after breast augmentation. Typically this will happen in women who have a history of increased vein show with pregnancy as well. In general it is not a problem and very well tolerated. There is no treatment needed. Usually over time, the large veins will be less noticeable after the body adjusts.

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She has maintained her natural breast characteristics after her breast augmentation. You can see she has an increase in the vein appearance. Usually the veins will become less noticeable as more veins grow.

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This woman has several different breast asymmetries that have been improved with her breast augmentation surgery. She is very pleased with her result. You can see from her translucent skin how her veins appear more prominent after breast augmentation. Over time, this typically lessens.

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This woman with low nipples declined a breast lift and elected to have only the breast augmentation surgery. She carries her breast implants in a low position. This is the best result she could have expected without a breast lift. She has had a subtle increase in the veins after breast augmentation. Note that she has a fair amount of vein show before her breast augmentation.