Breast implant filling recommendations | Northern Virginia

Breast implant filling involves saline breast implants. Breast implants are not one size fits all.  There are many breast implant sizes.  Breast implant filling is not required with silicone get because they are filled at the factory. Silicone breast implants do not have a fill valve. breast implant filling virginiaThe saline breast implant filling is required because they come empty and are filled after they are put in. So saline breast implants have a fill valve on the top of the breast implant.  Saline breast implants are designed to be filled to within a recommended volume range. Saline breast implants are numbered or named by their lowest recommended volume.  Breast implant filling by most plastic surgeons will be to their highest recommended fill volume. This not ‘overfilling’ a breast implant.

This is confusing to some woman because they have read elsewhere to be aware of over breast implant filling. The term overfilling refers to marked volumes over the fill range. Breast implant filling to the highest recommended volume will usually make the breast implant perform better. It will have a better feel and may be less likely to fail (deflate) than the lower volume filled implant. Marked overfilling may  contribute to breast implant failure.

A breast implant filling that is ‘underfilled’ has been filled to markedly less than the recommended fill range for that breast implant. A breast implant that is ‘overfilled’ has been filled to markedly more than the recommended fill range for that particular size breast implant. Saline breast implant problems like deflation, rippling or ball-like feeling can be exacerbated by overfilling or underfilling a breast implant. Examples of marked volumes would be more than 15% more or less than recommended by the manufacturer of the breast implants.

The volume ranges of a breast implant are based on the width of the base of the breast implant. So the wider the breast implants, the more the breast implants can be filled to. This is primarily true for the moderate or medium profile breast implants. The high profile devices have a much greater breast implant filling range than the more commonly used moderate profile breast implants. As a high profile breast implant is progressively more filled, it becomes narrower. This is why the higher profile implants can look ‘torpedo’ like on certain women.