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After breast augmentation is performed, breast implants have to settle downward. If a breast implant settles lower on one side than predicted, then the nipple may appear too high and the breast may have too much skin showing under the areola. This is called lower pole fallout. It may also occur on both sides. This can be corrected with a second cosmetic surgery.

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Breast implants pictures – Lower pole fallout 249*

Note that she has preexisting inframammary fold asymmetries. You can appreciate that her breast implants have settled on each side slightly different and consistent with the preexisting asymmetries. She has mild lower pole fallout.

Breast implants pictures – Lower pole fallout 1154*

She has a very nice looking breast augmentation result. It is difficult to appreciate secondary to her posture, but note that the left breast implant has settled just a bit too low. This is very subtle and of no concern to her. She is very pleased with her breast augmentation result.

Breast implants pictures – Lower pole fallout 554*

She has maintained good symmetry. This woman’s breast implants have settled too low and a bit too much towards the middle. While this gives her a great deal of cleavage, it makes the nipple position point upwards and outwards. Time, the weight of the breast implants and her genetic characteristics will determine if the implants will remain in this position or descend further. Typically by this time, the breast implants will have settled.

Breast implants pictures – Lower pole fallout 649*

This woman has nice starting anatomy. The right nipple does point outward more so than her left. She requested a full, large augmentation size and has a very nice breast augmentation result. However, please note that her right breast implant is a bit low. It is also a bit too centralized or ‘medial’. This is only noticeable when she is disrobed. Also note how the right nipple points in more upward and outward. She declined the secondary correction surgery.

Breast implants pictures – Lower pole fallout 246*

She has a slightly lower inframammary fold on her right side. Her right breast implant has descended to a lower than ideal position. This is only noticeable when she is disrobed. She has declined correction of this lower pole fallout.

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