Breast implants asymmetry info & breast implants asymmetry photos Northern Virginia

breast implants asymmetry fairfax vaBreast implant asymmetry is a relatively common complication or consequence of breast enhancement. It occurs when the breast implants settle in different positions or fail to settle to the proper position on the woman’s chest. This type of implant asymmetry is usually very mild and does not require a revision surgery. If this breast implant asymmetry occurs, it is usually undetectable in bras, bathing suits or clothes. It is usually noticed when standing directly in front of a mirror and studying the breasts. The more concerning implant asymmetries may require a secondary plastic surgery. The type of secondary plastic surgery and its sophistication depends on the degree of breast implant asymmetry and its cause.

Upper pole fullness after breast implants

This type of implant asymmetry occurs if a breast implant fails to descend. This will leave the breast implant too high. This will cause excessive upper half fullness of the breast. This upper half breast fullness does not look natural. This ‘upper pole’ fullness can be treated by a relatively straight forward second surgery. The breast implant on the high side is lowered by releasing the scar tissue capsule on that side. The scar capsule is released by cutting on the bottom half of the scar tissue capsule from the inside. So there is plastic surgery done only on the effected side. The weight of the implant will rest on the new lower position. Depending on how large the breast implant is or how much the breast implant has to be lowered determines how much scar tissue release is required.

Lower pole fallout after breast implants

Another implant asymmetry that is more difficult problem to correct is when a breast implant settles too low. This may occur because of one or a few different reasons. Lower pole fallout may occur because of the weight of the implant, the quality of the woman’s tissues, or because the pocket for the implant was made a bit too low. When the pocket is made a bit too low, the inframammary fold of the breast may have been stretched or released too much. When this support structure is over released the breast implant may be able to settle too low. When this occurs, it is has the opposite result of upper pole fullness and it is called ‘lower pole fallout’. In order to correct this, a secondary breast implant plastic surgery is required. The breast’s fold has to be reconstructed on the involved side. This woman will usually have to wear a support bra for a month of so to allow the fold to heal and reform.

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Northern Virginia Breast implants pictures of upper pole fullness

After a breast augmentation, the breast implant will typically be in a higher position than normal. The breast implant will tend to cause a bump in the upper part of the breast. This upper pole fullness will usually settle down over a period of time. The degree of upper pole fullness can sometimes be very pronounced. Upper pole fullness may also remain remain permanently on some women. If this is undesirable, a second cosmetic surgery may be required to reposition the breast implant lower.

Northern Virginia Breast implants pictures of lower pole fallout

If the breast tissue and skin are thin, and the breast implants too heavy to be supported by weaker or damaged inframammary folds you may see an adverse consequence known as ‘lower pole fallout’. Paying attention to breast anatomy for breast augmentation will include evaluating the skin, breast tissue, and fold positions. This typically helps avoid this situation, if possible.

After breast augmentation is performed, breast implants have to settle downward. If a breast implant settles lower on one side than predicted, then the nipple may appear too high and the breast may have too much skin showing under the areola. This is called lower pole fallout. It may also occur on both sides. This can be corrected with a second cosmetic surgery.

Northern Virginia Breast implants pictures of breast fold reconstruction

Specializing not only in primary breast augmentations, Dr Brown performs lots of secondary breast surgeries. Below are some fold reconstructions to improve the overall breast aesthetic. The goal though is to avoid contributing to these adverse consequences by knowing breast anatomy for breast augmentation and identifying patients at risk before undergoing the primary breast augmentation.

When the breast implant settles to a position on the chest wall that is too low after a breast augmentation. The women may be concerned enough to request a second plastic surgery to correct the asymmetry. Northern Virginia plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Brown performs this ‘secondary’ surgery on many patients. Some will travel from out of state for his expertise in these lower pole fallout corrections.