Can you predict the after breast augmentation photos results?

Hopefully you have a reasonable idea that not all women have the same result after breast augmentation surgery. This is a section that will allow you to test your understanding of how a woman’s anatomy will dictate their breast augmentation result. You may see if you can figure out how these women’s anatomy will influence their breast augmentation result. See if you can review these women’s before pictures and determine what after breast augmentation photos will look like. Then look at the after breast augmentation photos. You are welcome to visit other breast augmentation photos sections to learn more about a woman’s body and breast shape influencing their result.

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*Google Disclaimer: Throughout this entire website, the results presented in photos, videos or testimonials are individualized and do not represent your result. This is repeatedly expressed on nearly every page of the website, but Google has asked for an ‘asterisk (*) disclaimer’. So please be advised again, that individual results will vary. There is absolutely no misleading or unrealistic promotions here since these results are my actual patient results! I am flattered that Google believes it is unrealistic to achieve these types of results and yet here they are in actual patient results. Again there are no guarantees or exaggerated claims or misleading pictures, videos or testimonials on this site.

After breast augmentation photos 391*

She has achieved a wonderful breast augmentation result. She has a developmental anomaly. She has very high breast creases or inframammary folds. When lowering the breast folds to allow  the breast implant to build her breast mound, care must be taken to avoid complications.  This is the best her breasts have ever looked. The breast tissues were handled and the design of her breast augmentation pocket allowed her to obtain this result. She was very pleased.

After breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 553*

Adding volume to her breasts using breast implants has allowed her to enjoy a return a full breast look. She has had a restoration of her before breasts feeding breast volume.

After breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 429*

She achieved the full look that she was looking for with her breast implants. This would be called a larger than proportional breast augmentation.

After breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 744*

She requested a natural breast augmentation. She has had a nice breast enhancement. Her nipple asymmetry was not of concern for her. If she had been concerned she could have had a small crescent breast lift on the left.

After breast augmentation Northern Virginia photos 317*

She has achieved a very nice breast augmentation result. Her natural lower pole of her breasts is long and this is magnified by the breast implants. She also maintains her up and outward pointing nipples. From her profile view, her breast implants are in a good position.