Breast Augmentation is updated


Breast Augmentation has been completly redone. The entire website has a new look, better functionality and more information. This is a work in progress and the pages will continue to be edited and improved upon. There are more breast augmentation pictures on the pages and in the before and after photo library. There is information about breast implant removal, breast implant exchange, and capsular contracture. Over the next few weeks, more links will be placed on the pages, allowing a reader to not only read about a topic but also click on a picture and be taken to even more breast augmentation photos.

The breast augmentation videos will be added to with more surgeries, demonstrations and explanations of various aspects relating to breast implants. The breast augmentation forum is for the visitors to contribute and help the web site get more exposure and help other women considering breast implants. There is a most commonly asked questions  section with detailed answers. If a reader can not find the answer or wants more detail, then the ask the plastic surgeon section allows them to post their question and plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael J.  Brown will answer it. The web site is very exciting and informative. It will continue to expand and improve with the contribution of the readership.