Breast implant exchange & breast implant exchange photos in Northern Virginia

Breast implant exchange surgery is indicated because of age of the breast implants, shapes of the implants, or for correction of some asymmetry.  A minority of women undergoing breast augmentation will decide that their breast implants are not large enough and request breast implant exchange. Other women may want to exchange silicone breast implants for saline breast implants,  or saline breast implants for silicone breast implants, or saline breast implants for other saline breast implants because of other factors other than the size itself. Some will also want to change from round breast implants to shaped breast implants.breast implant exchange virginia When undergoing the corrective secondary breast surgery, the woman may also request a breast implant exchange. This will usually result in a better cosmetic result.

The breast implant sizing can also be a concern. How much more or less volume (cc) should I go with? The answer is not a straight forward numeric answer. As a rule of thumb you will not be able to see a difference in breast implant appearance unless you go up or down at least 75-150 cc. The height, weight, frame and current implants and desires are what really pushes the meter.

So a small framed women with 300cc ranged devices should be able to see a change with 75 cc. This would be the case if she wanted to fill out the bras better and not necessarily go to the next bra size. If she wanted to go up a size and fill it out, it may be 150+ cc to achieve that.

A larger women with the same sized implants would probably not even notice the 75 cc bump. So their scale would shift and she may need 125 cc to notice some difference and even more to go up and fill the next bra size. So it is not a cut and dry situation.

The recovery from a straight forward breast implant exchange is usually not at all like the first breast augmentation surgery. This form of secondary surgery is usually well tolerated with little to no downtime. This is especially true if the woman has large capsular pockets where the breast implants are positioned. In this case, an incision is used to gain access to the breast implant capsule, a cut is made in the capsule and the space where the breast implants are positioned is entered. The older breast implants are removed and the new implants are put in. Since no significant scar tissue correction is required during this secondary surgery, there is very little pain or discomfort. When the capsule surrounding the breast implant is tight and limiting, then extra cutting or releasing of the scar tissue will be required. When more work is required, there is usually more discomfort after surgery. However, this discomfort is still markedly less than the first breast augmentation. If the entire breast implant scar tissue capsule has to be removed at the time of surgery, there may be more discomfort. This too is usually still less than the original breast augmentation. The only time there is considerably more discomfort at the secondary surgery for implant exchange is when the breast implant is repositioned from above the chest muscle to below the muscle. It is this repositioning of the breast implant below the muscle that causes the discomfort because the muscle has to be stretched and cut to position the breast implants.

Some women will want to change their breast shape and aesthetics at the time of breast implant exchange. Most will want to maintain a natural look while others will want a rounder, ball-like appearance. It is a very personal choice and usually either request can be accommodated at the  breast implant exchange.

Below are examples of breast implant exchange photos. These breast implant exchange photos only serve to represent some of the types of situations where breast implant exchange is beneficial.

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Northern Virginia Breast implant exchange photos 317*

She had her initial breast augmentation done elsewhere, and was dissatisfied with her result. She requested breast implants exchange with large silicone gel breast implants. There are a few extra views to show how the implants will settle over time.

Northern Virginia Breast implant exchange photos 132*

She has a significant breast shape irregularity secondary to her tear dropped shaped breast implants having rotated. She underwent breast implant exchange and scar tissue removal. She has silicone gel breast implants. She states this is the best her breasts have ever looked.

Northern Virginia Breast implant exchange photos 84*

She has had breast implants removed from above her muscle and new breast implants placed below her muscle. She has been voted best in a bikini in her town. Her after breast implant exchange photos show her having a full breast shape.

Northern Virginia Breast implant exchange photos 135*

This woman had her breast augmentation done elsewhere. She was unhappy with her breast size and the scars being on her chest. She was delighted with her new larger breast implants and scar revisions. By using larger breast implants, the breast fold was lowered to hide the prior scar which was used by Dr. Brown.

Northern Virginia Breast implant exchange photos 331*

She had her primary breast augmentation done by Dr. Brown and requested larger breast implants. She thought that she was too conservative at her initial consultation and was concerned about going to large. Once comfortable with the breast implants, she wanted to have a fuller breast look.