Breast anatomy for breast augmentation Virginia

The breast is a normal part of the human anatomy. It exists in both women and men. The breast anatomy for breast augmentation will be described in layers from superficial to deep. This should help explain how Northern Virginia plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Brown, best positions a breast implant.

Breast skin & breast anatomy for breast augmentation Northern Virginia

The breast area is covered by skin. The skin layer of the breast has the skin as well as superficial nerves, and blood vessels. The deepest layer of the skin is the dermis. This skin layer is the strength of the skin. Different women have different thicknesses of the dermis. The thicker the dermis, the stronger the skin usually is. The best skin has the thickest dermis. Also in the the skin are fibers that stretch called elastin. The dermis and elastin content in the skin will determine how much the skin will stretch and then return to its regular position. If skin is expanded over a period of time, like in pregnancy, the skin may become thinner and the elastic component of the skin may not be enough for the skin to return to its earlier shape and position. When this occurs the breast skin will droop or sag. When a breast expands too quickly for the skin to adjust to the increase in size, a stretch mark may occur. A stretch mark occurs when dermis of the skin tears and this can be seen through the thinner outer layers of the skin. If the breast implants are too heavy for the skin and tissue the implants will cause lower pole fallout.

Also located on the most superficial layer of the breast is the nipple and areola. This colored tissue is different from the other skin areas because it has the gland structures and it is usually thinner and stretches more than the skin. Through this nipple and areolar area the women’s breast milk may be delivered to the baby. The areolas may different sizes and the nipples may be at different positions on the breasts. The nipples may also be too low and may require consideration for a breast lift.

Breast fat and gland & breast anatomy for breast augmentation Northern Virginia

breast anatomy for breast augmentation

Beneath the skin is the gland and fat of the breast. Obviously, the breast gland and fat are essential components of breast anatomy for breast augmentation. The ratio of gland percentage to fat percentage is different for every women. The age of the women usually affects the amount of fat and gland that are actually in the breast. Breast gland is usually more firm feeling. As women age, the amount of gland usually increases or persists until the age of 30’s and then starts to decline. As the breast gland volume decreases, the breast will become smaller unless the amount of fat increases.

Traveling through the gland and fat are nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. The breast and fat of the breast lie on top of chest wall muscles and the rib cage.

Inframammary Fold of the breast & breast anatomy for breast augmentation Northern Virginia

 The inframammary fold (IMF) is an essential part of breast anatomy for breast augmentation. This breast fold is usually where the ‘underwire’ of a bra sits. It is where the breast skin appears to rejoin the chest wall skin. Even though a woman’s breast may not appear to be large enough to cause a fold or crease, the anatomical structure of the fold still exists. The strength or development of this fold on women is variable. Some women have well developed fold structures while others are not as well formed.

This fold is so important because, the breast implant usually rests on this fold.  When a breast implant is properly placed in the majority of women, the fold will support the breast implant in the correct position.

The inframammary fold is critical when positioning breast implants. When it is inadequately attended to, adverse consequences may occur.Dr Michael J Brown

Northern Virginia Breast implants pictures of breast fold asymmetry

When studying breast anatomy for breast augmentation, the fold demands lots of attention. When the folds are asymmetric, or their development is not the same,  the breast implants may settle at different positions. When breasts are different sizes, these folds may be at different levels. So if the inframammary folds or ‘IMF’ are at different levels, then the breast mounds will be in different positions.

The crease or inframammary fold under the breasts can be located at different heights on a woman considering breast implants. This is actually a very common finding during the preoperative breast augmentation examination. This type of breast asymmetry can result in the breast implants settling at different positions on the chest. Most often this is a subtle difference but occasionally it may more noticeable. In clothes, it is seldom a problem. It is very important to notice the breast fold position before breast augmentation so that a realistic expectation can be established. Sometimes, these inframammary fold asymmetries are mild and other may be quite significant. If the implant settles below the fold, a double bubble develops.

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Breast augmentation photos 427*

She is an excellent example of inframmamary fold asymmetries. Look how her right breast crease is lower in the before breast implants photos. Notice how in her after breast implant photos, this asymmetry is lessened.

Breast augmentation photos 176*

She has nipple and breast volume asymmetries as well as inframammary fold asymmetries. She has had a nice breast augmentation result, note that she does have some upper pole fullness on the profile views. This can occur especially when the woman has tight tissues in her lower breast.

Breast augmentation photos 75*

Note the position of the right inframammary fold asymmetry. It is in a higher position than the left. You may also note her stretch marks. She has had a very nice symmetry correction with her breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation photos 38*

She has breast gland shape, volume, and inframammary fold asymmetries. She has a very natural looking breast augmentation with the best correction of her asymmetries that breast augmentation surgery could provide.

Breast augmentation photos 188*

She has a higher inframammary fold (breast crease) on her right side and a slight breast volume asymmetry. She has had an improvement in both breast symmetry and breast volume after her breast implants surgery. She does have a very mild upper pole fullness on her left side.

Breast augmentation photos 491*

She has some breast asymmetries of her inframmamary folds and breast shape and volume. She has had an excellent correction of her breast feeding volume loss.

Breast augmentation photos 29*

This woman has a lower left inframammary fold. She requested a modest, natural breast augmentation. Note that her asymmetry still persists. This was of no concern to her, since it is very mild and she has always had this asymmetry.

Breast augmentation photos 1247*

She has a very slight inframammary fold asymmetry with her right fold being lower than her left. Looking very closely you can notice that this still exists after her breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation photos 337*

This is a pronounced inframammary fold asymmetry as well as areolar position and size asymmetry. She also has breast glandular asymmetries, as well as translucent skin. Her veins seem to be slightly more noticeable on her after breast augmentation views. She has had a nice correction of her fold asymmetry after her breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation photos 386*

She has a mild inframammary fold asymmetry. Her after breast augmentation photos show how it is corrected and does not pose a problem for her.