Breast lift pictures in Northern Virginia

Breast lifts may be necessary to rejuvenate a sagging breast. The decision to have a breast lift plastic surgery is determined in part by the position of the nipple in relation to the breast crease or inframammary fold. The type of breast lift and the amount of incisions necessary to reposition and reshape the breast is dependent upon how much rejuvenation is desired or required. Breast implants may also be placed with some breast lifts.

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Breast lift pictures 404* in Northern Virginia

This woman requested that her breast mounds be restored to a more youthful position without any significant change in breast volume. So she did not have any breast implants and no breast tissue removed. She just had the breast lift. There are multiple after photos of her result demonstrating how the breast mounds change over time. They typically appear a bit tight and high and then will soften and descend over time. She has had a 5 star result. Please note her breast lift scar close ups which are depicted at 6 months and one year to demonstrate the color changing over time.

Breast lift pictures 308* in Northern Virginia

She has very firm breasts and are heavy for her. She requested a breast lift and reduction. Her greatest concern was that her breast would still be too large after her plastic surgery. She was very pleased with her breast lift result. Her picture with the tape is at one week after her breast lift. Those tapes will remain in place for at least 30 days. Ideally taping for 60 days will improve scar healing.

Breast lift pictures 76* in Northern Virginia

This woman requested a breast lift with no breast implants. She has had a wonderful result with restoration of a much more pleasing breast shape. Despite her natural skin color, notice how nicely her scars around her areolas and going down the midline of her breasts appear.

Breast lift pictures 252* in Northern Virginia

This woman requested a modest breast augmentation and required a breast lift to achieve the best result. You can see that she enjoys the tanning bed. At least she is still taping her incision scars. Over time these will really fade well.

Breast lift pictures 468* in Northern Virginia

This modest sized woman requested a rejuvenation of her breast mounds and did not want breast implants. Notice the repositioning of her nipples to a higher point on the breast mounds.