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After breast implant pictures showing how not all women start with completely developed breasts.  Development of the breast can halt at any stage of breast development. Sometimes the breast mounds stop developing at different stages. This will result in breast mound asymmetries. Women with pre-existing developmental variations that get corrected with a breast augmentation are some of the happiest patients. Most will require different sized breast implants and some may require a breast lift to reposition the nipple areola to a more symmetric position. These after breast implant pictures depict several variations and how well the breast implant can improve overall breast shape.

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After breast implant pictures 357*

She has had a cessation of breast development and constricted breast deformity. She has a fabulous but not perfect breast enhancement result seen in her after breast implant pictures. She was most concerned about correcting these issues and less concerned with the final size of her breast mounds. She is very pleased with her new breast look.

After breast implant pictures 1402*

She has a few asymmetries, including volume, nipple position, and inframammary fold (breast crease) asymmetries. She has had a nice improvement overall seen in her after breast implant pictures. Note that her inframammary fold on the left has lowered perhaps just a bit too much. This may happen with any breast augmentation and is typically correctable. This minimal degree of asymmetry is typically well tolerated and not reoperated on.

After breast implant pictures 84*

This woman has a few areas of interest on her before breast implant photos. She has a curved rib cage and breast bone inward. She has asymmetric inframammary folds (breast creases), and asymmetric areolas and breast volumes. The curved ribs and breast bone create a hollow in the middle of the chest and the breast implants tend to drift into that depression. Her remaining breast features are dramatically improved using different sized breast implants to adjust for her pre-existing volume asymmetries. She declined any left areolar surgery.

After breast implant pictures 761*

She has asymmetric high positioned breast creases, and breast volumes. Note that she maintains her natural breast shape but has nice improvement in the breast volumes and breast inframammary folds (breast creases) in the after breast implant pictures.

After breast implant pictures 46*

She has significantly high positioned inframammary folds and tight lower pole breast tissue characteristics. In order to place breast implants her breast creases (inframammary folds) had to be lower and the tight breast tissues released and allowed to redrape over the breast implants. She has had a very nice correction. Note that her right breast crease was lowered well but her breast tissues were not released perfectly. This has left her with an extra crease or ‘double bubble’ on that side. She has declined a second surgery to further release her tight breast tissues. She is very pleased with her look and remembers what she used to look like.

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