Symmastia pictures or Synmastia pictures after breast augmentation

Symmastia is also called synmastia. A very rare but potentially severe complication of breast augmentation surgery is when the breast implants are positioned too much towards the middle of the chest. This usually occurs because the plastic surgeon is trying to improve cleavage. It can also occur because of the size of breast implant selected and the quality of the women’s tissues. Symmastia can also occur simply because breast implants that are too large for the woman are put in. It may also occur because of the woman’s anatomy and genetic makeup. The symmastia complication results in undue pulling on the midline tissues. When the breast implant pulls the breast bone skin and tissues off of the breast bone it makes the breasts come together. So there is essentially no cleavage when the synmastia complication occurs. Synmastia means ‘one breast’. The repair can be very difficult. There are a few different ways to try and repair synmastia or symmastia. The way selected to correct it depends on the implants current position and the quality of her tissues. If the breast implants are above the muscle, there is one type of problem. When they are below the muscle, an entire different set of issues have to be dealt with. Suffice it to say that it can be a revision that takes a lot of skill. Even in the best hands, it may require more than one revision effort to correct it. How long standing the symmastia has been there will also influence the result.

Synmastia or symmastia after breast augmentation pictures

The picture above is a relatively moderate but still concerning degree of synmastia. Her breast augmentation was done elsewhere and she sought out Dr. Brown for correction. The symmastia complication can occur at the time of breast augmentation plastic surgery, shortly after or within a few months of the breast enhancement surgery. It is best to attempt to repair this problem as soon as it occurs. This helps in preventing stretching of the breast skin and diminishes the distortion or nipple asymmetries that can occur if the symmastia is allowed to last for a long time. If the symmastia complication does cause abnormal breast skin stretching and nipple deviations, it is usually very difficult to correct this. Some women will elect to have the symmastia complication corrected and not address the nipple areolar distortions that may have occurred with long standing symmastia.

Correcting symmastia involves a secondary breast plastic surgery. It can be corrected using several different techniques. Which technique that is used depends on the woman’s unique set of circumstances.

This breast augmentation complication is very rare but can lead to a loss of cleavage between the breasts. It can occur when breast implants are above the muscle or below the muscle. Virginia plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Brown, has patients travel from across the country for this rare type of correction. Breast implant exchange is usually performed during the correction, but is not required.

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Synmastia pictures or Symmastia pictures 9 after breast implants*

She had her initial breast augmentation done elsewhere. She was concerned about her cleavage. She kept her original breast implants and underwent a symmastia repair. This is one of the ways that symmastia can be repaired. In the symmastia pictures see the internal stitches. Dr. Brown also uses other more sophisticated techniques to repair symmastia.

Synmastia pictures or Symmastia pictures 4 after breast implants*

This women came to see me after her breast augmentation done elsewhere. She was concerned about her areolar scars and her symmastia did not bother her. This is an example of mild symmastia photos which she declined repair of.

Synmastia pictures or Symmastia pictures 7 after breast implants*

She had a very large augmentation done in Rockville, MD and presented two years later with concerns about her cleavage. She did not want any corrective surgery done to her areolas. As you can see in the after symmastia pictures she has had a nice improvement. She was pleased with the restoration of her cleavage. Her before augmentation photos were not available.