Periareolar breast lift pictures with breast augmentation Northern Virginia

These periareolar mastopexy pictures are displayed to see the breast implants scar or breast lift that only goes around the areola. This is a breast lift that is most commonly used in women who have lost some of their breast volume. They usually have not a lot of breast volume but they have lost enough to have their nipples fall to a lower position. This limited breast lift is often used in women who have breast fed and took a bit of a ‘hit for the team’.

The decision to lift a breast is made before plastic surgery and is determined by the position of the nipple in relation to the breast crease or inframammary fold. When the breast sagging and nipple position are only mildly low, then a breast lift around the areola may be an excellent choice. You will notice in these mastopexy pictures that they also show that the women elected to have breast implants. The breast implants will be used to improve the fullness and firmness of the breast. In  some of cases, if no breast implants are used, then a most extensive breast lift surgery would be indicated. The nice thing about the implant is that it takes up some of the lost volume and may help lift the breast. This will allow less skin to be taken out.

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Periareolar mastopexy pictures with breast implants 463*

This woman requested a breast augmentation. She has low nipple positions especially on the right side. She benefited from a periareolar breast lift on the right side only. This areola was raised and sized to match the other side. She is very pleased. You should be able to appreciate in the mastopexy pictures how the breast implants settled over time.

Periareolar mastopexy pictures with breast implants 43*

This women requested a breast lift for the lower positioned breasts. She also requested breast implants for more firmness and volume. Notice in her mastopexy pictures how her breasts project slightly outwards, this is because of the curve of her rib cage. Her breasts were lifted in their natural breast mid lines. She was very pleased with her breast lift.

Periareolar mastopexy pictures with breast implants 128*

This woman wanted to have larger breasts and have them lifted . She did not want really large breast implants, but rather a more proportional sized breast mound as a final result. She has had a periareolar breast lift and mastopexy, with the breast implants inserted in through those incisions. The after mastopexy pictures demonstrate how the breast implants will settle, even with a breast lift.

Periareolar mastopexy pictures with breast implants 372*

This set of before and after mastopexy pictures really exemplify how much breast implants will settle. Her scars will fade with more time. She is very pleased with her size, shape and position. She will have a long lasting improvement.

Periareolar mastopexy pictures with breast implants 58*

She requested that breasts be made slightly fuller. She was lifted using a periareolar breast lift. She is in the photo library of mastopexy pictures to note the widening of the areolas that can occur over time, especially with breast implants and no permanent suture. The size of her areolas does not concern her and she has declined areolar revisions to make them smaller.