Body shape and breast augmentation photos  Northern Virginia

Body Shape includes chest wall and rib cage shapes. Body shapes are very important when thinking about breast augmentation. The breast is located on the chest. The breast is located on top of the chest wall muscles. Under these chest muscles are the ribs.

body shape and breast augmentation photos

The ribs connect to the body in the back at the spine. This is best to appreciate this because the shape and position of a breast is influenced by the body shape. The curvature of the ribs that the breasts are positioned on top of is also important. If the spine is crooked or the ribs have a different curve, the breasts will be in different positions and look different. These curvatures will also drop one of the shoulders when the woman is standing up. This will be noticed in the before and after breast augmentation photos.

curved spine and breast augmentation photos

With body shape, it is very common that a woman will have a curvature in the ribs or spine that influence how their breasts appear on their chest. It is one of the most under evaluated areas when a woman is being examined for a breast augmentation. These chest wall influences on breast position and shape can be magnified after a breast implant is put in. This can be an example of a breast asymmetry and can be appreciated in the before and after breast augmentation photos if you know what to look for.

So, the spine, ribs and breast bone are very important to body shape and serve as the foundation or ‘platform’ that the breasts sit on. If they are curved differently or asymmetric, then the breasts are likely to be pointing in different directions. When a breast implant is put in, the resultant breast mound may be dramatically affected by this ‘platform’. This will be seen in the before and after breast augmentation photos.

body shape breast augmentation photosIf the body shape and spine are curved, then a person’s posture may be affected. This is usually noticed because one hip or shoulder will be higher than the other. If a shoulder or collarbone is higher than the other, then the breasts will be at different heights or asymmetric. This will be evident in the before and after breast augmentation photos.

The ribs and breast bone (sternum) usually come together to make a barrel that is slightly flat on the front side. Sometimes the ribs form different shapes. One half or side of the ribs may protrude out further than the breast bone or the other side. The breast bone may not be flat but may actually protrude out further than the ribs. The breast bone may also be sunken in, and the ribs protrude further out than normal.

Breasts will usually sit on the ribs next to the breast bone. So if the foundation varies for any of these reasons then the breasts may appear different on the chest. It is very interesting that the great majority of these irregularities or anomalies are mild and have not been noticed by the woman until her breast exam. These anomalies may be magnified after a breast implant is placed, so it is important to realize that they exist before plastic surgery for breast augmentation.

Northern Virginia Breast augmentation photos of women with curved spines

The curvature of the spine will result in the shoulders being at different levels when a woman is standing. The breast will also appear to be at different heights on the chest. One breast will seem higher and one breast will seem lower. This can be noticed on the frontal view. It is important to see if the shoulders and collar bones are level when looking at the before and after photographs. With this type of variant, when the shoulders are leveled, the breast will actually appear to be at the same heights. This will be evident in the before and after breast augmentation photos.

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Breast augmentation photos 211*

This woman has a pronounced curvature in her spine and her shoulder and not level when she stands. You can note this on her before and after breast augmentation frontal views. She has a full and natural breast enhancement.

Breast augmentation photos 311*

This woman's after breast implant photos are hard to appreciate secondary to the incorrect angles on some of the photos. Despite this, you may see that her relaxed stance illustrates a curved spine. Her after breast augmentation photos are a bit too early. She has some persistent upper pole fullness in her breasts and her implants have not completely settled at the time of these photos. These photos are mostly to show her curvature of her spine and stance.

Breast augmentation photos 667*

This thin, fit woman has a slight curvature in her spine. Note how her shoulders are not level in the photographs. It is most notable in the frontal views. She has a beautiful breast augmentation result that is very natural.

Breast augmentation photos 263*

This woman has a curvature in her spine that influences how she stands. Note that her shoulder and even her rib cage is curving. Despite this curvature in her spine, she has a natural and beautiful breast augmentation result.

Breast augmentation photos 331*

Note how her left shoulder is lower than her right. In her case, it makes her breasts appear uneven. Actually, if she levels out her shoulders her left breast rises a bit and her breasts become even. She has a full and natural breast augmentation result.