Lower pole fallout correction & breast fold reconstruction pictures

When the breast implant settles to a position on the chest wall that is too low after a breast augmentation. The women may be concerned enough to request a second plastic surgery to correct the asymmetry. Virginia plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael J. Brown performs this ‘secondary’ surgery on many patients. Some will travel from out of state for his expertise in these lower pole fallout corrections.

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Breast fold reconstruction pictures 183*

This woman had a primary augmentation and developed a slight fall out of the left lower pole. This bothered her and she requested that it be corrected. You can see from these photos that she has had an over correction. Over time this has stretched a bit and left her with a top result.

Breast fold reconstruction pictures 156*

This young woman from Virginia had large breast implants placed above the muscle done elsewhere. She requested smaller breast implants below the muscle and reconstruction of the inframammary folds. She elected for smaller silicone gel breast implants below the muscle. Note how much better her breast mounds look with her folds reconstructed.

Breast fold reconstruction pictures*

She has lower pole fall out of both breasts secondary to her implants. She did not like it and wanted them revised. She underwent bilateral fold correction. The repair was performed through using the old incision. She lives out of state and no additional follow ups are available.

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