mjbrownBreast augmentation testimonials

Dear Dr. Brown, This thank you is long overdue!  I just cannot thank you enough for changing my life in such a positive way…you truly made my dream come true… to feel like a woman:)  Being a nurse, I am extremely critical of the medical industry.  You exceeded all of my expectations.  Your professionalism, knowledge, and tenderness about what you … Read More

Breast implant size equals bra cup size?

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Nearly everyday that I meet with women for breast augmentation consultations I am asked about which breast implant size will make them a ‘full C’ or ‘full C-small D’. These women are intelligent and have been doing their ‘homework’ on the internet trying to determine which breast implant size they need to go with. They are also concerned about shape, … Read More

Pregnancy and breast implants

mjbrownPopular questions & answers

Every so often I will have a previous breast augmentation patient contact me with concerns about a new pregnancy. They are typically apprehensive about what will happen to their breasts because of the weight gain and the hormones associated with the pregnancy and after delivery, when the milk comes in. The only answer that I can give them with certainty … Read More

Which breast augmentation approach makes the most sense?


Over the past 20 years, I have had several thousand breast augmentation consultations and have been fortunate enough to have operated on most of these women. A common question that I am asked is why or why I do not use different incisions. Or why do I have a preference for one. Most of my patients are well informed and … Read More

Breast Augmentation Virginia.com is updated


Breast Augmentation Virginia.com has been completly redone. The entire website has a new look, better functionality and more information. This is a work in progress and the pages will continue to be edited and improved upon. There are more breast augmentation pictures on the pages and in the before and after photo library. There is information about breast implant removal, … Read More